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Subaru Robin RG4300iS
Portable Gasoline Inverter-Silent Generator

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Model Number:   RG4300iS
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Ship Weight:   175 lbs
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RG4300iS Inverter Silent Generator

Air Cooled, 4-Cycle, OHC, Gasoline Engines

Advanced inverter technology and soundproof engineering & design drastically reduces environmental impact from noise to a minimum.

Double-Wall Acoustical Housing — damping panel reduces both high frequency and low frequency noise. Sound attenuating materials are highly fire-resistant.

State-of-the-Art Inverter — combines load-sensing electronic throttle control with improved combustion & lubrication to significantly reduce fuel consumption, plus a quieter, softer tone on start-up & shut-down as well as constant running

Very Low Noise — as a result of inverter technology & engine management system, the engine need not work as hard to generate high levels of electrical power. Special vibration control isolators & highly efficient soft-tone muffler further reduce noise.

High Quality Electrical Output — from a portable unit. Clean power is comparable to public utility sources. Ideal for powering computers & equipment intolerant to unstable power.

Meets Strictest Environmental Regulations — U.S. Phase II, CARB Tier II, LEMA, and European emission regulations.

• Compact & Lightweight
• Low Fuel Consumption
• Extreme Easy Starting
• Excellent Cost/Performance Ratio

All Subaru Robin Gasoline Generators Have One Thing in Common — Quality!
Designed for long running construction and rental applications, Subaru Robin builds the entire engine and generator together as one high quality unit, unlike some other manufacturers who build only one or the other major component.

All Models Offer Heavy-Duty Standard Features:

•  High Power & Performance
•  Great Reliability & Durability
•  Long Life
•  Easy Maintenance
•  2-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty from Subaru Robin

Subaru Robin Inverter-Silent Series Generator Models from 3200 to 4300 Watts.

Ideal Power for:

•  Portable, Smooth Power Source 
•  Equipment Sensitive to Power Surges
•  Computers & Medical Equipment
•  Sensitive Instrumentation
•  Emergency Stand-by
•  Mobil Emergency Power
•  Anywhere Power Is Needed in the Field

Rely on Subaru Robin Reliability!



Subaru Robin RG4300iS Generator


Voltage Regulator
60 Hz
Max Output
4,300 Watts
Rated Output
3,800 Watts
Amps Rated 120V
12V DC Charging Amps
8.3 (100W)
Voltage AC
Voltage DC
dbA Rating
62 dbA @7m
Circuit Breaker Protection
Electronic & GFCI
Engine Model
EX27-9.0 HP
Engine Type
OHC, 4-Cycle, Air Cooled Gasoline
Fuel Capacity US Gal.
Continuous Hours
Starter Type
Electric W/ Recoil Backup
Length inches
Width inches
Height inches
Dry Wt. lb
120V Duplex
120V Twistlock
Subaru Overhead Valve Engine
Low Oil Pressure Shutdown
12V DC battery Charging
Inverter Technology
Clean, Stable Power for Sensitive Electronic Equipment
Fully Enclosed Design with Sound Attenuating Resin Panels for Quiet Operation  
LED Display Hour Meter
LED Display Voltage Meter  
LED Frequency Display  
LED Overload Status Display  
Auto Power System
Low-Tone Muffler
USFS Approved Spark Arrester
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
Circuit Breaker for AC
4-Wheel Kit  
2-Year Limited  Warranty  
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