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3 Phase Converters
Power three phase machines from a single phase power source with a TEMCo single to three Phase Converter!

Electric Motors
TEMCo carries thousands of brands/models of electric motors and drives such as Baldor, WEG, Leeson, etc., at wholesale prices!

TEMCo also has a broad range of quality Acme and GE Electric Transformers at wholesale prices!

Custom Transformers
Call TEMCo for your custom built transformers. Fast 5-day turn around on custom transformers.

Variable Frequency Drives
TEMCo carries brand name Variable Frequency Drives.

Three Phase Generators
TEMCo caries a range of portable Three Phase generators from 8KVA to 20KVA.

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Industrial Towable & Standby Generators

Industrial towable generators are designed and engineered for optimum performance and superior reliability. From the ultra quiet sound attenuated enclosures (64-71 dba) to the state-of-the-art electronics and controls, these units are engineered to meet the most rugged conditions. Place the unit at the job site, connect the load and start it up. These full-featured standby generator units are specially suited for all industrial, commercial and rental applications. Units can also be used with an automatic transfer switch for standby applications.

Industrial & Standby Generator Features:


Available with or without the trailer.

Available from 25KVA/20kW-250KVA/200 kW
Manual or Automatic Start – Automatic remote start is
standard on all units. When interfaced with an automatic
transfer switch, the unit becomes an emergency
standby system.
Voltage Selections – Three-position switch: 120/240 V,
1 and 3 phase Delta Connection; 120/208V, 3 ph Low
Wye Connection and 277/480V, 3 ph Hi Wye Connection.
Large Integral Fuel Tank – Stays with the unit eliminating
messy interconnections between unit and trailer.
Fuel Water Separators – Protects the engine from water
and other contaminants.
Lifting Eye – Single point removable lifting eye is standard.
Cold Weather Starting – Provides ease of starting in cold weather.
Safety Features – Water temperature shutdown, low oil shutdown, overspeed shutdown, overcrank lockout.

Full Featured Control Panel – Operator controls, metering,
voltage reconnection switch, voltage regulator and receptacles
are located behind one lockable control panel door.

Extra Large Access Doors – Doors are lockable and have
heavy-duty hinges and handles.
Industrial & Standby Generator With Trailer
Catalog Number KVA/kW
@ 240V
1 Phase
KVA/kW @
3 Phase
1 Phase
3 Phase
List Price/
Mult. Sym.
Your Cost
TS25-T 18/18 25/20
120/240 208/
$21,211/TG Call
TS45-T 27/27 46/37
120/240 208/
$30,285/TG Call
TS80-T 45/45 72/58
120/240 208/
$35,946/TG Call
TS130-T 70/70 131/105
120/240 208/
$56,221/TG Call
TS175-T 80/80 169/135
120/240 208/
$63,637/TG Call
TS250-T 175/175 250/200
120/240 208/
$92,647/TG Call
Industrial & Standby Generator Without Trailer
TS25-S 18/18 25/20
120/240 208/
$20,459/TG Call
TS45-S 27/27 46/37
120/240 208/
$28,032/TG Call
TS80-S 45/45 72/58
120/240 208/
$33,142/TG Call
TS130-S 70/70 131/105
120/240 208/
$53,940/TG Call
TS175-S 80/80 169/135
120/240 208/
$60,404/TG Call
TS250-S 175/175 250/200
120/240 208/
$88,716/TG Call
NOTES: * Batteries are not included on any Electric Start Models.
"S" suffix - denotes skid mount, no trailer;
"T" suffix - denotes with trailer

TEMCo caries all the best brands and models of electric power generators at low wholesale prices. When you are looking for a specific power generator brand you can usually find it at TEMCo. If you need: Robin, Pow'R Guard, Baldor, or another quality electric generator brand let us know.

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Order your three phase converter, motor, or generator with VISA, Master-Card, American Express, etc., Today!

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Additional Quality Power Products Available from TEMCo:
Step-Up Transformers Control Transformers Step-Down Transformers K-Factor Rated Transformers Transformers 3-Phase Transformers Voltage Transformer Variable Transformer Toroidal Transformer Pole Transformer Potential Transformer Transformer Pad Electric Transformer Transformer Rectifier Power Transformer Center Tap Transformer Electrical Transformer Pad Mounted Transformers Transformer Manufacturer Oil Filled Transformers Automatic Voltage Regulator PDU DC Power Supply Rack PDU Power Line Conditioner Power Conditioner Load Center Voltage Converter Power Distribution Power Supply Transformer Industrial Transformer Pulse Transformer Furnace Transformer Substation Transformer Acme Transformers GE Transformers Distribution Transformers High Voltage Transformers Single Phase Transformers Three Phase Transformers Buck Boost Transformers Soft Start Drives Diesel Power Generators Diesel Generator Sets Variable Frequency Drive Hammond Transformers Onan Diesel Generators   Power Generators

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